First Grade at CCS

Tuesday, Nov. 10=9:15 Veteran's  Day Assembly

Class Room Rules

  1. Use kind words
  2.  Listen to the speaker.
  3.  Follow directions.
  4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5.  Take care of materials and supplies.
  6. Sharing is Caring
  7. Use inside voices
  8. Raise your hand if you have a question.

While in Class when a Guest walks in

  1. Sit and Wait quietly

Hallway Rules

  1. Walk quietly
  2. Stay on line
  3. Keep hands behind our back.
  4. Use inside voices
  5.  Keep Ears open for teachers’ directions

Playground Rules

  1. Keep ears open for directions.
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  3. Use kind words.
  4. Don’t throw dangerous things
  5. Use playground equipment safely as directed by staff
  6. Don’t leave the school ground
Be sure to check the Parent Web (the school's website) for Lesson plans, announcements, Work Habits Rubric (on the Syllabus), and other insights.

HOMEWORK CLUB:  Each Thursday from 3:20-4:00 in my class for $10.  Send $10 cash in an envelope or zip-bag along with a note detailing what homework you want your child to work on during this time.  For instance:  practice Spelling; Read; Math---be specific.  This is not a tutoring time, but a time in which I am available to assist with completing homework and during which your child can use classroom technology/supplies.  If the card/$10 is not in the home folder Tuesday morning (or Monday), remaining children will be sent to After Care.

Dear Students

  1. I believe in you.
  2. I trust in you.
  3. You are listened to.
  4. You are cared for.
  5. You are important.
  6. You will succeed.
  7. You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you.



Mrs. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Grant (since 1994)

Behaviors for Academic Success (shared at a recent teacher's meeting)


·         Develop organization skills

·         Focus/attention

·         Class participation

·         Have a place to study (at home)

·         Study for mastery of subject matter

·         Know your “learning style”

o   Develop strategies for studying

·         Consistency/practice

·         Advance preparation

·         Completing assignments with excellence

·         Show up! Be present physically and mentally

·         Parental involvement and reinforcement of these behaviors

Sign Language Helps Hearing Children (article/clip)

Practice phonograms and writing
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