First Grade at CCS

Tuesday, Nov. 10=9:15 Veteran's  Day Assembly

Mrs. King's Crew

"Whale-come" to first grade! We are going to have a fantastic year full of learning, adventure, and exploration.

Your goal is to be reading 3 stories on raz-kids per week and practicing IXL math.
Please try and bring your child's supplies in on the available days before orientation (sent in an e-mail).

*** Instead of buying a roll of contact paper please purchase a blue folder with 3 prongs and a 25 pack of clear sheet protectors. ***

Classroom Rules

#1 - Follow directions quickly
#2 - Raise your hand for permission to speak
#3 - Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
#4 - Make Smart choices
#5 - Keep your dear teacher happy :)


You will need to  download this app. It is FREE. It is called phonogram sounds. It is from All about Learning Press, Inc. It lets you hear the sounds each letter makes. We will use this app and the sounds daily in our curriculum. It will be part of your child's homework to practice sounds using the phonogram app.
Mr. King and I in Alaska. We just celebrated three years of marriage in June. He is in the Coast Guard which brought us to Mobile. We previously lived in Chesapeake, Virginia. 
Mr. King and I with our fur baby, Riley.
I love talking to kiddos about having a growth mindset. I believe children need to know they can learn, they can challenge themselves and they can move when they are frustrated. You will hear me telling the children often about the power of the word "yet." In my teaching experience I have heard students say "I cant do this" and I always looked at them and said "yet." They may not be able to read this word...yet. They may not be able to solve a particular problem...yet. It was a difference maker in the mind of a young child.